Hidden gems in Rome: Wine bars

A lot of people who reach my site have been searching for “hidden gem” restaurants or bars in Rome. So, gradually to meet this demand, I am going to start compiling lists of my favourite places, as suggestions.

What better place to start than wine bars… or enoteche. The city is full of them! They are great for spending a relaxing evening catching up with friends with a vino and some delicious snacks.

Here are the ones I like the most:

1. Passaguai Cafe, Via Pomponio Leto, 1, near Piazza Risorgimento (close to the Vatican)

This has been one of my favourite wine bars in Rome ever since I stumbled on it one Saturday afternoon after visiting the Vatican area. It is underground, down a few stairs. In summer you can also sit on tables outside if you prefer. There is a great selection of wine on offer, my favourite being the Pinot Grigio from Friuli Venezia Giulia, which has a slightly pink tinge to it. I like taking friends here and sharing a bottle of this with a selection of cold cut meats and cheeses. They also do more varied mixed starters and Roman favourites such as Melanzane alla Parmigiana (a dish with aubergine, cheese and tomato).


2. Enoteca Taberna Recina,  Via Elvia Recina, 22-26 (Close to Piazza Tuscolo, San Giovanni)

This is one of the best enoteche in my local area, San Giovanni. The food here is really quite special and the owners are very friendly, advising you on which wine is ideal to match with your meal choices.

I especially love the mixed starter, a generous selection of mozzarella, salmon, meats, aubergine and other dishes that are so abundant that it is hard to fit everything on the table!

3. Al Vino al Vino, Via dei Serpenti, 19

This bar is situated in the Monti district, a more central location. It has a massive selection of wines and some great food choices to go with it. I was actually there last weekend and tried a delicious Pinot Noir with the rustic quiches and cheese and meat selection- all delicious. The owner was very helpful and gave suggestions about the best wine to try.  Its authentic and fun atmosphere makes it worth trying out if you are in the area!

4. Settembrini, Via Luigi Settembrini, 19 – 25

This is a wine bar, cafe, bookstore and restaurant all combined into one. I’ve experienced it as a wine bar, so I’ve included it here. It’s close to the underground stop Lepanto, around the Vatican area. It’s perhaps a little more upmarket than the others I’ve mentioned but worth it if you want to treat yourself. It’s lovely to sit outside here on a summer evening and enjoy the wines and food. The icecreams are also delicious! X


If and when I discover more wine bars that I really like they will be added here… but for now hope this helps!

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